Why We Do It

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Why We Do It

Airborne allergies are an epidemic in the United States. The CDC states that over 1/3 of the U.S. population suffers from allergies or allergy related symptoms. Allergies are the 5th leading chronic disease and the 3rd most common in children. Additionally, 25% of children that suffer from allergies develop asthma later in life.

Medicare and Medicaid recently put out a study identifying 1 out of 5 people (more than 65 Million allergy sufferers) in the U.S. have allergies that need treatment.

Meanwhile, the number of allergists in our country is declining. According to the ACAAI, the number of allergy-immunology specialists is projected to decline by 7 percent while demand will increase by 35 percent over the next dozen years. This medical business opportunity is unlike any other medical franchise on the market. And the timing of it and the opportunity it provides to entrepreneurs to get into this residual income business couldn’t be more perfect.

Though unrelated to these alarming statistics, many physicians across the country are struggling to remain profitable, retain their independence and are in desperate need of their practices generating ancillary income. To be able to make such an impact to such a critical industry has AAC positioned to be a top growing medical franchise-type brand for years to come.

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