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Allergy Testing and More

American Allergy Centers places self-sufficient airborne allergy testing and treatment centers within existing medical practices. We’re bringing allergy relief to the masses while helping physicians generate thousands of dollars in much needed revenue for their practice.

Our approach to providing allergy treatment is innovative and much more convenient for patients compared to what they would have to go through to be treated by a traditional Allergist. In fact, our labs experience more than 200% more patients completing the treatment than what the patients of traditional Allergists experience.

Additionally, the allergy immunotherapy we provide is the ONLY treatment that can actually alter the allergy disease process itself, yielding long term benefits for our patients.

Though we’ve been opening labs for 13 years, we’ve barely even scratched the surface of the opportunity and have 10s of millions more patients to be treated. Entrepreneurs who elect to work with us have the opportunity to accomplish their own goals, while helping many others accomplish theirs of decreasing their sensitivity to airborne antigens and all the while operating as a low cost home based business.

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