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American Allergy Centers Licensees own state of the art allergy testing and treatment facilities located within existing medical clinics.

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Allergy Testing

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American Allergy Centers are self-sufficient airborne allergy testing & treatment centers that are located within existing medical practices. They come equipped with a full time medically certified allergy technician as well as all of the equipment and supplies to test and administer a complete immunotherapy program.

Our Licensees become owners of their very own medical ancillary services company focused on helping doctors provide a higher level of personalized care for patients suffering from airborne environmental allergies.

This is a turnkey business that does NOT require you to have a brick and mortar location. All your labs reside within existing practices and have set hours, but you do not! That means that our business owners have NO overhead or ongoing financial obligations and quickly begin realizing very high profit margins. In fact, it’s reasonable to expect (though not guaranteed) to have fully recouped your Licensee investment after about the first 150 total patients have received their initial treatment from your Allergy Center(s). Most of our allergy labs treat more than 20 patients per month so it typically doesn’t take long to have reached the 150 patient threshold.

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Innovative Approach

Our Allergy Centers provide an innovative approach for allergy patients while facilitating an additional revenue stream for medical practices. Additionally, having our Allergy Center “in house” gives medical practices a major advantage when it comes to retaining their existing patients as well as attracting new ones.

With the opening of your first Allergy Center, you’ll begin generating residual monthly income from each Allergy Center location. The income will be sent directly to you from the practices you have labs placed within. There is no limit as to how much the income is or as to how long your company receives it. Often times a patient needs additional treatment to be fully desensitized to their particular antigens. Those patients can continue the treatment for up to 5 years with each year resulting in additional residual income for your business. And, since our opportunity isn’t a traditional franchise we don’t charge you any royalties or ongoing expenses of any kind. Further, there is no limit as to how many locations you can open and we place no territorial restrictions on your business*.

*Currently, we aren’t placing any labs in WV

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